About AVCO, Inc.

AVCO traces our history back to a small town just outside North Kansas City – Avondale, MO. That’s where owners Steve and Denise Dahms founded Avondale Construction in 1984.

In the company’s early years, Avondale Construction focused primarily on home repairs. Painting, roofing, siding and windows were our staple projects. As our reputation grew, so did the company. In time, we began to take on larger projects such as tenant finish work for Charles F. Curry Company. Over the years, our commercial projects grew larger and resulted in more growth for the company.

In 1993, the Dahms family moved back to its roots in the Hamilton, MO area. It was during this time that the company name changed to AVCO, Inc. Although the company headquarters are in Hamilton, we still maintain an office in Kansas City.

Now in business for 31 years, AVCO, Inc. is a one-stop commercial & residential construction company. We’re fully licensed, bonded and insured. Although we work primarily in Missouri, Kansas and Iowa, we will travel outside those boundaries.

At AVCO, Inc., our motto is “Where quality counts!”